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The Second Duke Contest

Another photo from the same contest as below. Jock Sutherland and Miki Dora. We originally thought these were from the first Duke contest but the photographer, Tim McCullough straightened us out. We need that every so often.
The second Duke contest, 1967. Among those pictured are Fred Hemmings, Clyde Aikau, Miki Dora, Paul Strauch, Eddie Aikau, Doug Hauet, Rick Grigg, Mike Doyle, Corky Carroll, Greg Noll, and Mike Hynson, at Val Valentine's house. Photos: Tim McCullough

The Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championship was named in honor of the "Father of Modern Surfing", Duke Paoa Kahanamoku. The contest began in 1965 by invitation only, at Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oʻahu and was the first surfing event to be broadcast on a regular basis by ABC's Wide World of Sports.

The winners were:
1965 Jeff Hakman
1966 Ricky Grigg
1967 Jock Sutherland
1968 Mike Doyle
1969 Joey Cabell
1970 Jeff Hakman
1971 Jeff Hakman
1972 James Jones
1973 Clyde Aikau
1974 Larry Bertleman
1975 Ian Cairns
1976 James Jones
1977 Eddie Aikau
1978 Michael Ho
1979 Mark Richards
1980 Mark Warren
1981 Michael Ho
1982 Ken Bradshaw
1983 Dane Kealoha
1984 Derek Ho


Name These Faces

Bing Copeland, Bev Morgan, Greg Noll, Dick Medve and Bob Hogan with their trophies won at the 1951 paddle races, held in Santa Monica and Santa Barbara. That's Bev's chopped Chevy in the background. Photo: Bing Copeland Collection


The Exhibit is Closed

You can view the accompanying website for "What's In Your Board" HERE
We've printed a tabloid size-20 page supplement for the exhibit, you can pick one up the next time you visit or you can view it online HERE.
Presented by SHACC and Sustainable Surf
Discover the roots of sustainability within surf culture, as seen through surfboard history, design and materials as we look for better answers.
Explore the surfboard’s idyllic Polynesian beginnings, its petrochemical past & present, and its current, cutting edge future – through a selected gallery of game changing surfboards.
Join us as we explore 'Deep Blue' choices available for dramatically improved surfboard materials and the other positive impacts our individual actions can have right now in our local communities to help ensure surfing's sustainable future.
Featuring boards from Channel Islands, Lost, Firewire, Timmy Patterson, Grain Surfboards, Brink Hydrocraft, Jon Wegener, Stretch Surfboards, Enjoy handplanes, and a selection of boards from the SHACC collection.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Waste to Waves program.


Tubesteak's Surfboard

Terry "Tubesteak" Tracy (1935-2012)
Along with Miki Dora, Terry "Tubesteak" Tracy reigned supreme at Malibu in the 1950s and into the early 60s, until the lifestyle they helped to create got too popular and both of them felt it was time to move on. Until then, Miki ruled the waves and Tubey sat throne at the infamous Malibu shack (where he actually lived for extended periods of time), and where one day upon spying a young Kathy Kohner decried, "Look, it's a girl midget, a 'Gidget'!" Tubsteak was in fact the model for the character "The Big Kahuna" both in print and on film in "Gidget".
 Old legends reunite for a Nike ad.
Standing left to right: John Vetter, Tubesteak, unknown, Skeeter Malcolm, Lorrin "Whitey" Harrison, LeRoy Grannis, (and seated) Ron Drummond, and Opai Wert, got back together for a Nike ad. The board Tubesteak is holding is the one donated by his wife Phyllis, and her sons Patrick, and Mike (see photo below).
Patrick, Phyllis, and Mike Tracy  with Bob Kiefer (in the floral print) and the Tubesteak surfboard, which can be seen on display at SHACC.
The surfboard is a Dewey Weber model, shaped by Dan Bendickson but Tubesteak covered the logo with duct tape because, "I don't want to make Dewey famous!" 


Digital Watermarking of our images – Public Notice

As part of our commitment to protecting our image donors, the Surfing Heritage Foundation has begun using digital watermarking on ALL of our images, including those images seen on our website. This watermark is not visible to the eye, but is easily seen by many computer programs such at Photoshop and other image editing programs. In addition, we have also purchased a “watermark spider” that crawls the Internet specifically looking for any images that contain our SHF watermark. The Surfing Heritage Foundation is prepared to take the appropriate action should we find any illegal or unlicensed usage of images from our files.