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Timmy Turner Films, 'second thoughts' · Fri · Aug 28

Timmy Turner, Director of the award winning surf film, Second Thoughts, will appear at the Surfing Heritage Museums Friday Afternoon Surf Film Series on August 28th at 3 pm. Turner, local soul surfer from Huntington Beach, has made the waters of Indo his home away from home. Second Thoughts was a Surfer Magazine Surfer Poll Awards Best Movie winner.

Alone on an uninhabited Indonesian island in the middle of nowhere, Timmy and his friends, Brett Swartz and Travis Potter, are dropped off for a month. Once there, they have "second thoughts" about their month-long island stay. While braving the elements with little food and water, what follows is some of the most amazing surf footage on the sickest reefs in Indo.

Meet Timmy at the Surfing Heritage Foundation Museum, on Friday, August 28th, and watch the matinee screening of Second Thoughts starting at 3 pm. Admission is only $3 (free for SHF members) and includes free popcorn!

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Picture by LeRoy Grannis of "Gecko Toes"

This aerial re-entry was performed at Makaha back on December 19, 1962. LeRoy Grannis was fortunate enough to have been in the right place at the right time to capture this historic moment and put to rest the question of who was the first person to do an aerial re-entry. The rider still remains unidentified, however LeRoy Grannis thinks it could be one of the Makaha locals who everyone knew as "Gecko Toes". For years the surfers at Makaha have practiced various means of using the infamous backwash to their advantage, however in the years prior to the invention of the surf leash, old "Gecko Toes" was the surfer everyone wanted to see.


4th Annual SHF Summer Surf Film Series · Fri · Aug 21

Dear & Yonder

Presented by Rainbow Sandals

Through imagery, music, and art, Tiffany Campbell and Andria Lessler’s film documents the inner spirit of modern day surfers Stephanie Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons, Coco Ho, Silvana Lima, Sofia Mulanovich, Kassia Meador, Ashley Davis, Prue Jeffries, Belinda Baggs, Ashley Lloyd, Judith Sheridan, Liz Clark and early pioneers like Linda Benson, Jericho Poppler, and Rell Sunn and the heart of their experiences. The film also features some female skateboarders shredding.

VIP Tickets $35: 5:30-7PM, private meet and greet with the stars, appetizers, 2 drinks, preferred seating. Bar closes promptly at 7. General Admission $10: doors open at 7PM, movie starts at dusk. Concessions for sale. Opportunity drawings. Please call to reserve your seats: 949.388.0313 x0

Special Guests include Director Tiffany Campbell, Kassia Meador, Sofia Mulanovich, Linda Benson, Jericho Poppler & Jan Sunn-Carreira. There will be a display of artwork created by participants of the film including Kassia Meador, Tiffany Campbell, Jeff Canham & Blakeney Sanford.

Additional support from: Roxy, Steer Crazy, Primo Beer, Barefoot Wine, Malama Composites, Sambazon, Smart Water, and Vita Water.

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The New Surfing Heritage Foundation Website

Building a community of people who share a common passion for the Spirit, Soul, and Culture of Surfing

Aloha! & Welcome to the new Surfing Heritage Foundation Website!

You will notice a few changes around here, a whole new look, and a whole new way of sharing our combined surf history, using things you may know about like blogging ( this is a blog post ) and Twitter, and Facebook, and even some new stuff like the above Photosynth.

Please feel free to comment using any Open ID, and we hope you enjoy your visit with us as we learn to use all these cool new tools!


SHF Crew

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Bailey and Doaks - Winter 1940 by Bob Johnson

This is a photo taken by Bob Johnson during the Winter of 1940. Jim Bailey and his tandem partner are on the left and on the right side is a surfer commonly known as "Doaks". His real name was Charles Butler. Doaks became famous for surfing at the Long Beach Flood Control a few years later. His photo appeared in Doc Ball's California Surfriders in 1946. Doakes enlisted in the Navy during World War II but went down with his ship in the early stages of the war with Japan. Jim Bailey was well known for surfing waves with his dog Rusty on the front of his surfboard. Jim Bailey lived in Hermosa Beach and was an outstanding lifeguard in the South Bay for many years. More of Bob Johnson's early surfing photos can soon be seen as part of the Surfing Heritage Foundation.


One California Day

From the filmmakers who brought you Singlefin: yellow, DRIVE and Stylemasters, comes a story about surf culture and tradition. One California Day is a visual journey through six distinct coastal regions, capturing the California surfing experience through the surfers who live it. Shot in brilliant super 16mm color film, the movie examines the variety of subtle differences that make California so unique. This will be shown in wide-screen format.

Producer Mark Jeremias will be here.

$3 admission, FREE for SHF members


Hanging Five 3PM Friday OC Premiere

Hanging Five will make its OC Premiere 3PM this Friday at the Surfing Heritage Foundation.

Director Chris Cutri’s film follows five artists who all happen to be surfers. The artists are: Andy Davis, Tyler Warren, Julie Goldstein, Alex Knost, and Wolfgang Bloch. Chris, Tyler, and Julie will be here for this screening and we’ll have their work and Andy’s and Wolfgang’s work on display as well. The film starts at 3 pm, with a $3 admission charge but it’s FREE for SHF members.

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History of Surfing


Surfboard Collection

Can't visit the Surfing Heritage Foundation in person?

Click Here for the flash based tour of our collection.


If These Boards Could Talk

Listen as surfing’s raconteur, Sam George, recounts the stories behind some of the boards from our collection in this feature.

Click Here for "If These Boards Could Talk"


Found Gem Of The Week

Each week we will focus in on one of our rare surfing artifacts and give you the Gem of the Week! Have something You would like to share? Contact Us!


Talk Story, The Oral History of Surfing

A collection of recordings from our Oral History Committee

Mike Howes saw Duke Kahanamoku and Tom Blake surfing at the Atlantic City Pier in 1937. He became one of a dozen surfers in the state at that time. With your support, the Surfing Heritage Foundation can tell this forgotten story of early East Coast surfing in its entirety.

E J Oshier was one of the most beloved surfers in California for 60 years. His joy and talent influenced watermen in Palos Verdes, San Onofre, and Santa Cruz. E J passed away days after this interview. The Surfing Heritage Foundation's Oral History Committee is dedicated to recording the stories of surfing's pioneers.

Scenes from the film "For the Love of Surfing" by Eric Jordan. Dick Metz of the Surfing Heritage Foundation on his contributions to surfing from the 50's to today. Special thanks to Eric Jordan for allowing us to share this segment of his film.

Tulie Clark and Fenton Scholes discuss the history of the Palos Verdes Surfing Club, founded in the 1930s, recorded by the Oral History Committee. We sat down with Tulie and Fenton as they recalled the people and camaraderie of days past.

We shot 60 minutes of valuable narration, including how members built a road for access to the Cove, descriptions of early boards, paddleboard races, and pre-WW2 California surfing. You can bring these stories to life with your contribution to our Oral History Committee.


Surfing Scrapbooks

In the scrapbooks section we will be sharing tidbits from surfings past...


The Surfing Heritage Foundation Photo Collection

The Surfing Heritage Photo Collection, Archiving the moments that mark our collective soul.


Recent Donations Surfing Heritage Foundation

The Surfing Heritage Foudation Welcomes All Surf Related Donations, Even Knownledge. Have something you would like to share?


Surfing Heritage Art Gallery

The Surfing Heritage Foundation Art Gallery Photosynth*

Photosynth is a software application from Microsoft Live Labs and the University of Washington that analyzes digital photographs and generates a three-dimensional model of the photos and a point cloud of a photographed object. Pattern recognition components compare portions of images to create points, which are then compared to convert the image into a model. via Wikipedia

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Shapers Tree Essential Surfing

The Shapers Tree is the work of George Oberlian and Kendal Nishimine, originally for their web site, Essential Surfing. This printed version appeared in Surfing Magazine, hence their logo. The Surfing Heritage Foundation is proud to have their permission to feature this living document on our site. We realize that not all the information is 100% correct and encourage you to contact Essential Surfing with any corrections or suggestions you may have since we are not able to make any changes to the list ourselves.

Click Here For The Shapers Tree PDF


Digital Watermarking of our images – Public Notice

As part of our commitment to protecting our image donors, the Surfing Heritage Foundation has begun using digital watermarking on ALL of our images, including those images seen on our website. This watermark is not visible to the eye, but is easily seen by many computer programs such at Photoshop and other image editing programs. In addition, we have also purchased a “watermark spider” that crawls the Internet specifically looking for any images that contain our SHF watermark. The Surfing Heritage Foundation is prepared to take the appropriate action should we find any illegal or unlicensed usage of images from our files.