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A Living Gem!

On the left: One of SHACC's favorite supporters, Wally Duesler, dropped by to check out our Surf Club exhibit. On the right: 2 carvings made by Wally, using recycled "golf woods" and a folding table also made by him. Wally turns 98 on May 30th, and we reckon that makes Wally a rare "Gem" indeed! (Table and carvings from the collection of Barry Haun–they are some of his most prized possessions)


Custom D Fin

Wood worker extraordinaire, Kenny Brown donated this beautiful framed D-fin, shaped and glassed by him and signed by both himself and Hap Jacobs. We've got it on permanent display in SHACC's showroom. We also have a permanent display of fins at SHACC now.


Chuck Vinson Lightning Bolt

"I met Chuck Vinson in 71’ when I moved back to town and we became friends. I learned all I could from him. He was older and more experienced than me. I could never do any step as well as him, but neither could anyone else! Chuck came o the North Shore in 73’ and landed a gig making Lightning Bolts for Jack Shipley. Keep in mind that the Bolt was the number one most recognized label at the time in all of surf culture. Only 10 or 12 guys were good enough to fill the position of making Bolts. Chuck made many of the high-end Bolts that brought an extra $35 due to the quality. That was a lot of extra cash in those days. Shipley even had Vinson fill in for Gerry Lopez (the head shaper); while he was surfing Ulu, Chuck shaped his orders!

Chuck later returned to Santa Cruz where he made boards for O’Neill along with his custom orders before finally returning to Ventura with his wife Linda where he continued to build boards for his loyal followers.

I thank him for the inspiration he has given me."

–Shaper, Marc Andreini, from his forthcoming book, due out next spring entitled "The Gift."

Thank you to Chuck for donating this beautiful board, to Skip Saenger for arranging the donation, to Mark Andreini for the words and to Scott Bass to delivering it to SHACC.


Surf Clubs

This weeks gem of the week is this print of the San Onofre Surf Club logo, timely since SHACC's current exhibit is on surf clubs and the San Onofre Surf Club is one of the participants. The iconic logo was created by artist Don Smith, a machinist for Disney. "The purpose of the Club (San Onofre) shall be to foster all phases of the sport of surfing, to make responsible recommendations to the Department of Parks and Recreation pertaining to the operation and development of the San Onofre Surfing Beach, and to seek to retain the beach in its natural state." Don Craig, longtime Sano regular and creator of Old Guys Rule donated this rice paper print as well as loaning some items that are displayed in the exhibit.


24 Classic Surfboards Donated!

Stan Fuji, former Ventura surf shop owner, donated 24 surfboards and a large fin collection. Included were 3 Morey/Pope Trisects, 3 super clean Hobie Corky Carroll models, a Harbour Banana, a Blue Machine and a mini Blue Machine, a Peck Penetrator, a Hollow WAVE, some cans of Slip Check and a motorized JET board, and more!

Thank you Stan, for an amazing collection! 


Digital Watermarking of our images – Public Notice

As part of our commitment to protecting our image donors, the Surfing Heritage Foundation has begun using digital watermarking on ALL of our images, including those images seen on our website. This watermark is not visible to the eye, but is easily seen by many computer programs such at Photoshop and other image editing programs. In addition, we have also purchased a “watermark spider” that crawls the Internet specifically looking for any images that contain our SHF watermark. The Surfing Heritage Foundation is prepared to take the appropriate action should we find any illegal or unlicensed usage of images from our files.