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The Endless Summer 50th Anniversary Contest


The Endless Summer Story, Photos, and More...

Just one shot from the May 3 event. Greg Noll, 11 time world champ, Kelly Slater, Chief Druku (of Tavarua), and Endless Summer film maker, Bruce Brown. 4 albums of additional event photos can be found HERE
Photo: ©Jewel H. Ward 2014
3 shots from the trip that helped launch Bruce Brown on his around the world adventure. Dick Metz at Cape St. Francis, South Africa.
Photo: Dick Metz/SHACC Collection
So yes, Bruce didn't actually discover Cape St. Francis—but he did catch it on the right swell direction—unlike what Dick is seeing here.
Photo: Dick Metz/SHACC Collection
Dick Metz with the entire John Whitmore clan, in South Africa (that's Metz in the hat. He still has the hat and it's in amazing condition).
Photo: Dick Metz/SHACC Collection
Hobie helped arrange an east coast tour for the Endless Summer. Pictured left to right: Mike Hynson, Bruce Brown, Joey Cabell, Pat Brown, Corky Carroll, Hobie Alter, Susan Alter, Heidi Edwards, and Phil Edwards.
Photo: Bruce Brown Films/SHACC Collection
Robert August was conspicuously absent due to his having returned back to college.
Photo: Bruce Brown Films/SHACC Collection
And the rarest of the shots from this series.
Photo: SHACC Collection
A shot of the motorhome parked by the Hobie shop in Dana Point.
Photographer unknown
The actual brochure for the motorhome. This vehicle was a "big deal" back in the day.
Photo: SHACC Collection
The original poster created for the Columbia Pictures national release.
Photo: SHACC Collection
The Japanese version of the ES poster.
Photo: SHACC Collection
The South African poster, signed by Bruce, Robert, and Mike.
Photo: Keith Eshelman/
The Spanish poster.
Photo: SHACC Collection
An Australian version.
Photo: SHACC Collection
And yet another Australian version.
Photo: SHACC Collection
A rare woodcut-style version.
Photo: SHACC Collection
Bruce and some buddies.
Photo: Bruce Brown Films
We're not sure what the story is behind Bruce's football helmet cam is, but we'd love to know more!
Photo Bruce Brown Films Collection
TV's Batman, Adam West, Bruce Brown, Duke Kahanamoku, and Dick Graham. First Annual Surfer Magazine Awards, June 7, 1966.
Photo LeRoy Grannis Collection
Bruce Brown, recipriant at the first Annual Surfer Magazine Awards.
Photo LeRoy Grannis Collection
This camera will be on display May 3rd, as part of the Endless Summer Collection. 
Photo Courtesy Bruce Brown Films, LLC
The two cameras in this photo are the same two that are pictured below. 
Photo Courtesy Bruce Brown Films, LLC
Two of Bruce's cameras, the bottom one is the one in the photo of Bruce above, and was the main camera Bruce used during the filming of The Endless Summer.
A letter written by Dale Velzy to Bruce Brown. Velzy bought Bruce a movie camera and sent him to the North Shore to film. The resulting movie was Slippery When Wet. The transcription can be read as follows:
Oct. 31, 1958
Dear Bruce,
            How’s the movie coming along? Bet the boys are at each others throats by now, huh.
            Do me a favor and go to Waikiki to the Outrigger and see if there are a pair of shorts by M. Knee (sp. MNii) for me. If you can’t locate them for me at the Outrigger, get in touch with M. Knee and have him send them to me here, O.K.??
            Did you guys get any surf at Ala Moana Monday – we had it 8ft. here.
            Did you pick up the tripod at the Matson Docks?
            Has Byron got his board yet? Remember I wrote it would be at the Princess Kaiolani with my father-in-law? It’s under the name of “Ace Beal.”
            What’s happening over there, haven’t heard from you in a week – how ‘bout writing!!
            Oh & one last thing, is Conrad happy with his board?
            Nuff for now— Dale
P.S. I have sent Cooper’s (?) C. check


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