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SHACC Visitors

We get a wide range of visitors on any given day. Local groms, legends, pros, and a fair number from foreign lands.

Marc Andreini stopped by to show us a new book he's working on, it'll be released early next spring. We'll be doing a book signing in late April, 2018 for it. Marc is also being honored at the next Boardroom show in May. Photo: Barry Haun

Dewey Weber Surfboards Australia's Adam, Michelle, and Reece Jenkins stopped by for a first time visit. Photo: Barry Haun

Rory Munslow, Yolima Orampo, Felipe Orampo, Elsa Orampo and Orlando Lopez, from Colombia. Photo: Linda Michael

Rory Munslow, Yolima Orampo, Felipe Orampo, Elsa Orampo and Orlando Lopez, from Colombia. Photo: Linda Michael

Damien, Elise, River, Indie and Kelly from Canada stopped by for a visit. Photo: Linda Michael

Coalition of Surf Clubs team captains holding their yearly meeting at SHACC. Photo: Linda Michael

Starman dropped by to check out the artwork on this Hynson Downrailer, according to him it was the first board he ever airbrushed. Photo: Barry Haun

Rachel Tilly and her shaper, Josh Martin with her world championship board and jersey from 2015. Photo: Barry Haun

SHACC Photo Archivist, Steve Wilkings, surf photographer legend, Bob Barbour, and Dave Holmes. Photo: Linda Michael

Wade Koniakowsky, Craig Peterson, Kevin Naughton, Chris Ahrens, Joel T. Smith, Ron Croci, Mickey Muñoz, and Richard Graham. Photo: Linda Michael

Karen Otter, Craig Peterson, Patrice Reily, and Susan Crist. Photo: Linda Michael

Lake Forest ladies tour with docent Barry Haun. Photo: Linda Michael

Stephane from the French Alps! Photo: Linda Michael

Rick Irons brought by a group of sales reps from Dragon Sunglasses. With SHACC Creative Director, Barry Haun serving as docent. Photo: Linda Michael

Mark Achuff, artist Bud Hedrick and Carl Iverson. Photo: Linda Michael

Gareth and Stepanie Smith from Autism Awareness Australia. Photo: Linda Michael

Legendary Lightning Bolt shaper, Don Koplien. Gerry Lopez credits Don as being the inspiration that got him into shaping (and Don being the best of the Bolt shapers in his opinion. High praise indeed!) Photo: Linda Michael

Pipeline legend and Lightning Bolt shaper, Gerry Lopez and SHACC Founder Dick Metz. Photo: Linda Michael

East Coast legend, Mimi Monroe, her son David Donahoo and his girlfriend Camille Zanelotti and West Coast legend and SHACC Board Member, Jericho Poppler. Photo: Linda Michael

 Brownie Troop 3185 and SHACC Creative Director, Barry Haun. Amazingly, 95% of these girls said they surf! Photo: Linda Michael

 Chasing Monsters came by to film an episode. With Francisco Porcella, Barry Haun, Brad Domke and Dylan Palmer. Photo: Linda Michael

 David and Max Komine. David crews on the Hokulea and Max is related to Sam Kahanamoku by marriage. Photo: Linda Michael

 The Lincoln Healthcare group came by for a tour from SHACC's Founder, Dick Metz. Photo: Linda Michael

 Madison and Bella from Concordia Elementary stopped by to see our museum. Photo: Linda Michael

 Doug Walker dropped by some copies of his new book, "The Lost and Found Collection, Volume 1, 1970-79." Photo: Linda Michael

 Maurice Cole and Nick Carroll admire Rick Griffin's work. Photo: Linda Michael

 Keith Grisman, a collector from The Boarding Office in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia. Photo: Linda Michael

 The Lucid Surf Camp dropped by with one of their classes. Photo: Linda Michael

 Mike, Paula and Elliot Dudley were visiting from Cardiff. Wales. Photo: Barry Haun

 Johanna, Freya, Esme, and Willa Brandvik . Photo: Linda Michael

Leo Hetzel, Cindy Rincon, Linda Midgett, Phil Becker, Rob Sachse, Brian Bent, Steve Wilkings, (seated) Brooke and Julian Rincon. Photo: Linda Michael

Luke and Katherine Carter from the Sunshine Coast, Australia and Erwin Spitz. Photo: Linda Michael

Matt and Dulan Bradshaw and Kevin Mullins from North Carolina. Photo: Linda Michael

Marcelus, Marcia and Mateus Viana, visiting from Brazil. Photo: Linda Michael

Sam George and Richard Graham, perusing Richard's forthcoming book, "The Ride." Photo: Linda Michael

The Kalama Brothers performing at a private fundraiser for the Mako Foundation. Photo: Linda Michael

The BAMS Surf Team and SHACC docent, Duncan Wilson. Photo: Linda Michael
SHACC Founder, Dick Metz and East Coast Legend, Pete Dooley/ Photo: Linda Michael

Nicholas Henriksen and Mona B.  from Riise Norway. Photo: Linda Michael

Hugo, Julia, Valentina Chalulee and Othaio Bergete from Brazil. Photo: Linda Michael

Beth Druce and George Stay from the UK. Photo: Linda Michael

 Paul, Yann and Geoffrey from France. This was their drawing so we'd know who was who. Ya gotta love the French. Photo: Linda Michael
 Carol and Gene Lee (Founding Partner, Chris Lee's parents). Photo: Linda Michael

Former World Champ, Shaun Tomson and his balsa gun shaped by Al Merrick. Photo: Steve Wilkings 

 Korka and Darina from Slovakia. Photo: Linda Michael 
Kelly, Hunter and Jimmy Gildart from Texas. Photo: Linda Michael 
 Cliff Davis and Alan Walti, members of the Haggerty's Surfing Club. Photo: Linda Michael
 Cory Reynolds and his family in their surf wagon. Photo: Linda Michael

Paul Strauch, Tom Parrish, his dad Tom Sr., and Charlie Barrieu. Photo: Linda Michael

Tomer Yehuda and Maayan Shemer, from Haifa, Israel. Photo: Linda Michael

Chris Gentile, Josh Hall, Randy Hild, Chelsea Burlz, Hae Jung Shin, Paul Strauch and Glenn Brumage. Photo: Linda Michael

Brock, Kurt and Kadan Lichthardt. Photo: Linda Michael

  SHACC Executive Director, Paul Strauch, Drake, Dorian, Bella, Cris, SHACC Curator, Barry Haun (who coincidentally was wearing a Texas Surf Museum tee shirt this day), and Erica Bertero. The Berteros were visiting from Texas where Erica volunteers at the Texas Surf Museum and Bella is a TSM spokesperson! Photo: Linda Michael

The Fantini Family came all the way from Turin Italy. Photo: Linda Michael

SHACC Executive Director Paul Strauch with Jason and Cliff Brenner from New Jersey. Photo: Linda Michael

 Joshua, Kristy and Mateo Busch. Photo: Linda Michael

Kyoko and Toru Obayashi from Japan came by with SHACC member, Barbara Anderson. Photo: Linda Michael

Levi and Morgan from New Zealand. Photo: Linda Michael

Mara Rosado From Puerto RIco and Dennis "Ohana" Kemp. Photo: Linda Michael

  Glenn Brumage, Paul Strauch, Bill Hamilton and Barry Haun, posing in front of Bill's daughter's photo in the "Trailblazers in Women's Surfing" exhibit. BTW, Bill is Bethany Hamilton's dad. Photo: Linda Michael

 Paul Strauch, Barry Haun, Jim Heimann, Benedikt Taschen, Henry Ford, Randy Hild, Sam & Teresa Gornto, Dick Metz and Charlie Fernandez. In front of the Surfing Heritage logo. Photo: Linda Michael

 Jim Heimann, Randy Hild, Paul Strauch and Benedikt Taschen (yes, that Taschen). Taschen is working with Heimann to produce the definitive book on surfing, featuring many gems from the SHACC collection due out in 2016. Photo: Linda Michael

Ken Curry and Paul Strauch with a Jacobs board shaped by Robert August. Donated by Curry. Photo: Linda Michael

Natalia Otero and Javier Gutierrez Gamio from Peru with Felipe Pomar's trophy. Photo: Linda Michael

 Randy Rarick, shaper, Maurice Cole, and Scott Bass with Curren's famous "cutback" board. It'll be auctioned off this September at SHACC's next California Gold Vintage Surf Auction. Photo: Linda Michael

Terry Anderson and Fred Sickler with a Surfboard Hawaii and a Hobie surfboard donation. Photo: Linda Michael

Tiger Cubs, Pack 112, Den 3. Photo: Linda Michael

The Bernice Ayer's surf team with SHACC Executive Director, Paul Strauch, and SHACC docents, Duncan Wilson and Dillon Joyce. Getting some surf history lessons. Photo: Linda Michael
Surfline's Dave Gilovich, doing some research in the SHACC library. Photo: Linda Michael
Dylan, Bill and Scott Thomson with SHACC Founder, Dick Metz. Photo: Linda Michael
SHACC's Cindy Rincon, John Leininger, legendary shaper, Phil Becker, Steve Mangiali and Rob Sachse. Photo: Linda Michael
 Lauren Lilley and David Howard visiting from Houston, Texas. Photo: Linda Michael
Scott Bass (SHACC Board member and creator of The Boardroom) and another legendary shaper, Maurice Cole. Photo: Linda Michael
TK Brimer from the Frog House and SHACC curator, Barry Haun, posing by Ron Croci's painting of Captain Cooks arrival in Hawaii. Photo: Linda Michael
Felix Giulioni, and Christian and Max Giesser from Cinecraft, were here from Vienna, Austria, filming Paul Strauch, Dick Metz, Steve Pezman, Tom Morey, and Mickey Muñoz. Photo: Linda Michael

Rusty and Kyle Drumm and Paul Strauch. Photo: Linda Michael

Shaper Bill Shrosbee (Fresh Pineapple) and Ned McMahon. This is a board Bill shaped for Miki Dora (hence the Cat paw). Photo: Linda Michael

The Doheny Longboard Surfing Association Surf Team held their annual Christmas Party at SHACC. Photo: Linda Michael

Paul Strauch and Jason Shugar. Jason flew out from Pennsylvania to attend the paddle out for Doc Paskowitz. Photo: Linda Michael

Paul Strauch and Moses Paskowitz. Photo: Linda Michael

 Barbara and Charlie Moir from Capetown, South Africa. Photo: Linda Michael
Bob, Leigh, and Bill Faerber, and Nicole and Shaun Campbell. We have a really cool story from Bill about a Whitey Harrison board that ended up in our collection, that we'll be sharing soon in our "Gem of the Week". Photo: Linda Michael

 Charlie Fernandez, Paul Strauch, Linda Michael, Jimmy Buffett (yes, that Jimmy Buffett) and Steve Dunn. Photo: Barry Haun 
Docent and Surf Ed Committee chair, Duncan Wilson, giving tour to Damian and Xavier Court and their friends after a day at SanO . Photo: Linda Michael 

Barry Haun, Jerry Wallner, Steve Wible, Henry Ford and Paul Strauch, holding a vintage Jacobs. Photo: Linda Michael 

Author and historian, Matt Warshaw. He penned the Encyclopedia of Surfing and The History of Surfing and is responsible for the Encyclopedia of Surfing website. Photo: Barry Haun 
Longtime SHACC supporter, Kathy Pierce with John Severson at his Booksigning event at SHACC. Photo: Linda Michael 
Barbara and Charlie Moir from Capetown, South Africa. photo: Linda Michael  

 Visitors Bill, Leigh and Bob Faerber and Nichole and Shawn Campbell. photo: Linda Michael  
 Visitors from Colorado High School on their annual surf/camping trip to Sano. photo: Linda Michael  
Barry Haun, Filippo Calai, Paul Strauch. Filippo was interning for a few weeks while visiting from Italy. photo: Linda Michael  

 Kyuhyan Lee from Seoul, South Korea. Kyuhyan had just finished surfing Sano for the first time and came straight here (she still had her wetsuit on). photo: Linda Michael  
Sancho Rodriguez, Steve Pezman and Angela Zozaya. photo: Linda Michael  

 Sonoko and Makoto from Japan. photo: Linda Michael  
Gretchen and Eden Severson and the Haggars—Sean, Maureen,and  Lacy-Lou. Gretchen is married to John's nephew, Benji. photo: Linda Michael  
Dale Hope, author and Aloha Shirt historian, with Steve Wilkings. photo: Linda Michael  

 Paul Strauch with Malibu legend, Lance Carson and his dog, Bruce. photo: Linda Michael  

2 legendary surf photographers, Steve WIlkings and Bernie Baker. photo: Linda Michael  

A Mike Hynson sighting in our Endless Summer display. photo: Linda Michael  

Bill Vetter, one of the original founders of the San Onofre Surf Club. photo: Linda Michael

2007 Longboard Champ, Phil Rajzman, SHACC founder, Dick Metz, and Von Sol's Sean Matteson. photo: Linda Michael

Chris, Anthony, and Cory. photo: Linda Michael

Auro and Andrea were visiting from Italy. They're currently working on John Severson's next book project. photo: Linda Michael

Travis Trick brought the Nike crew by for a tour. photo: Linda Michael

Bill Winterhalter and Gil Orr (Gil is one half of the Duo Tones and a member of the Chantays). photo: Linda Michael

Johan Dryselius and Jako Ahlstedt came all the way from Sweden. photo: Linda Michael

Bing Copeland checking out the Donald Takayama exhibit and the Bing - Nuuhiwa Noserider model, designed by Donald. photo: Linda Michael

 Lois Pyanowsla, J. Scott Klossner, Kira Dave, and Terri Tucker, were here from Arizona and Rockaway, NY. photo: Linda Michael 

 Paul Strauch, Bob Neely, and Barry Haun, with some the cool XM SurfMore products that Neely carries. We offer your choice of a short or longboard leash with our Family and above Memberships. photo: Linda Michael 

 Ted Whitaker and 'Ema Latu from New Zealand. photo: Linda Michael 

Yusuke Hanai, Hi-dutch, Hide, J.T., visiting from Japan. photo: Linda Michael 

 Henry Ford, Duncan Wilson, Paul Strauch, and members of the Tiger Cub Scouts. 

Paul Strauch with Mike McIntyre and fellow Members of the Haggerty's Surf Club. 

 Lonnie Argabright, Kara Schrage, Jason Joseph Lusk, and Paul Strauch. 

 Rusty Miller and Tricia Shantz check out the Griffin Walls. photo: Linda Michael 

Local "Tiger" Cubscouts with Henry Ford, Dick Metz, and Paul Strauch. Dick is holding his original Boy Scout uniform and Paul is holding a photo of Metz, back when he was a scout. photo:Lori Stephani 

Our favorite NorCal longboarder dropped by for a visit with Alysa and Paul Stafford. photo: Linda Michael

Carl Ekstrom and Richard Kenvin are flanked by Paul Strauch and Barry Haun.
 Lisa Peterson and her husband, Joel Knutson came by today. Lisa is legendary waterman, Pete Peterson's daughter and she's holding the rail of one of Pete's hollow boards. A similar one sold at our auction for $32K! Both Pete and Whitey shaped boards at the Pacific System Homes factory in LA.  

Lorrin "Whitey" Harrison's granddaughter, Shelly Coe, and her son Wyatt dropped by. They're standing by one of Whitey's hollow models

Joe Larkin, Legendary Australian Shaper, and his daughters, Marni and Kelly and Carl Tanner visited Surfing Heritage last month. Joe was inducted into the International Surfboard Builders Hall of Fame at the Longboard Collectors Club's annual meeting at DoHo.

SHACC Creative Director, Barry Haun with Astrodeck's Herbie Fletcher. This hot curl was shaped by Herbie's father-in-law, Walter Hoffman and then reshaped by Renny Yater. Some solid lineage.

Rob Sachse and his daughter Belle. Belle's favorite board was this gun that belonged to the late Mark Foo.

Jack McCoy stopped by in July to screen "A Deeper Shade of Blue" and do a Q&A at the SHACC.

 Lindsay and Matt Hopgood were over from Kent in the UK.

 Denny Aaberg, Pau lStrauch, and Mike and Catherine Shellman.

 Dennis Shields, Bruce Meade, Paul-Strauch and Mike Salter.

 Melody DeCarlo and Dan Mahoney were visiting from Cocoa Beach Surf Museum in Florida.

Visitors, Rusty Wyly, Monica McCabe and Brett Staska.

Michael Stewart and Kevin Whilden from Sustainable Surf. We're collaborating on an exhibit that will open here in November 2013.

Jim Wade, and Allen and John Faas (of Allen Surfboards).

 Harry Bold, Paul Naude and Dick Metz.

 Dick Metz and Robert Hendrikson.

 Joseph Alphabet,Carl Tanner, Harry Bold, Mike Brown, Darryl Homan, Dick Metz and Bruce Little.

 Manuel Arroyo, Paula Armengod, Yago de la Mora from Santander, Spain.

 Asaki, Nemoto, Yamaguchi, Hanzawa, Nishitani, and Miyamoto from Japan.

Ivo Kemper and Tamar Moorman from Holland.

 Hans Tegebo brought by Dale Webster's board that Dale broke the "13,000 consecutive days surfed" mark with. Dale's now at 36 years of surfing everyday, catching at least 4 waves each session. Who says surfers are obsessed. We'll be displaying the board here while it's on loan.

  Jon and Rosa Wegener came by for a first-time visit, to see the Grain board building class in progress. They were naturally drawn to this hollow Gordon Woods board.

 The February 2013 graduation Grain board building class. As you can see, a wide variety of shapes were worked on. (That's 2 time world longboard champ, Jen Smith, seated with her brand new paipo)

  Jackson and Mark Christy flank Dick Metz at our "Evening with Dick Metz". We'll be putting out a DVD as soon  as we're done with editing. 

  Tom Morey showing Leo Hetzel something of interest, we're sure.

  Vincent Kemp helped out during the Grain board building class and when it was over, he donated his paipo that he had previously built from a Grain kit that he had sent away for.

Paul Strauch and Jonathan Jenkins at our evening with Metz. Jonathan has helped us video most of the events and many interviews over the last few years.

  Peter Mel is part of our California Gold Auction Committee. Pete recently won the Mav's contest!

  Dick Metz and some of his classmates from Redlands College, class of 1954.

Dick Metz giving a tour to his Redlands Classmates.

Legendary surfer, skier, and Chart House restaurant founder, Joey Cabell with Dick Metz.

Local surfer, artist, hot rodder, etc., Brian Bent stopped by to check out our planks and paddleboards. Brian is hard core old school—no wetsuit, wool sweaters and wooden hollow paddleboards.

The annual Coalition of Surf Club Team Captains meeting was held here recently, just prior to their contest at Church. They were blessed with some of the best wave conditions ever.

Legendary surfer, Bill Fury was here as a guest for the Coalition of Surf Club Team Captains meeting.

L-R: Carl Tanner, Marni Larkin, Joe Larkin and Kelly Larkin.

Asier Antoma, Alex Aristegieta, Patxi Usubiaga, Ignacio Liria, and Cedric were visiting from the Basque Country, Spain. They all picked up these vintage Aloha print shirts we have for sale here at SHF.

Lisa Newin, Julie Daumes, Cesar Moreira, and Albert and Mindy Elliott.

We turned the tables on "Curious" Gabe Sullivan and asked him which was his favorite board from our collection. The AH-Wooooo!

Founding Partners, Mark and Cindy Fragale were here on a visit from Oahu. Mark runs the Honolulu Surfing Museum.

Miles, Blake, Dean, Noah, and Sean. Nuff said.

Nasrin Rahinieh, George Lang, John and Karen Young, and Angie Alford.

Steve West, Kurt Feeter, Kirby Fosgatt came down from Santa Cruz.

 Jeff and Azure Wolfe, and Karen and Greg Chisolm were here to see our Weber exhibit. 

Bill Zielinski, and Rena and Tim Passar were here on Oct 18. 

Early Hobie employee, Dennis Olsen came by with family members for a visit. 

Gene Cooper makes some of the most beautiful wave-riding toys around-this one is headed to Japan.

Tim Bessell donated a cherry Bodyglove wetsuit from the early 1970s. He also had one of his "Warhol" surfboards with him.

Jack and Mary Jo Lincke stopped by for a visit and liked this redwood and balsa mini gun Greg Noll made for Dick Metz.

This photo is from last year when Derek Jardine was visiting from South Africa and Doc Paskowitz and he came in for an interview.

SHF Founding Partners, Teresa and Sam Gornto were visiting from Florida.

 SHF Founding & Sustaining Partners, Joe and Ellie Dunn brought the extended family by for a visit. Dick Metz was here to give them the grand tour.

 Gracelyn Rezmer was visiting from Wisconsin and looking for material on Tom Blake (also from Wisconsin), for a school project. We highly approve of her choice of subject matter!

 Photographer, Tim Hogan is producing a book on the history of surfboard fins and has been shooting many boards and fins from our collection. It's an amazingly elaborate set-up that he utilizes, each fin takes about an hour to photograph.

 Troy McElveen is assisting Tim on the surfboard fin project. Here he is operating another piece of the equipment they use.

 Floyd Smith, Dick Metz, and George Bensen.

 Floyd Smith and George Bensen standing in front of one of George's restored Woodies.

South Coast Distributor, Rick Arons, and Mike Perch.

San Clemente Mayor, Jim Evert, and San Onofre Foundation and California Surf Museum President, Jim Kempton, posing here in front of Greg Long's Eddie board.

Dick Metz and Steve Wilking's friend, surfer Malcolm McCassy.

Craig Le Seuer, the winner of our Found It In the Archives contest dropped by.

Rick Thompson, our next-door neighbor at ReShape Medical came by to do some shopping.

SHF Photo Archivist, Steve Wilkings and Roger Yates (Forgotten Island of Santosha) pose in front of the Velzy Shaping Shack.

SHF Curator, Barry Haun is pictured here with surfing historian, Bruce Gabrielson, and HB legend, Chuck Linnen. Bruce donated a couple of Dale Velzy's shaping lights and one of Dale's gun templates.

Harlan Patterson and Kevin Julien were visiting from Nova Scotia. Harlan glassed the Todd Chesser, Rusty surfboard back when he owned Pacific Surf Glass. photo: Linda Michael

   Colin Foulker and Chris Bugge were visiting from the UK.

  Dan, Nora, and Tom McCarthy were here from Long Beach, New York.

   George Stremple in red is holding one of the boards he donated a few years back and Frank Van Wickle is holding one of 4 boards donated by the Quinard family.

 Glen Thompson is over from South Africa and using our library to do research for his thesis.

Legendary Shaper, Rich Harbour and Steve Wilkings check out one of Phil Edwards' shapes.

Brothers Britt and Chris Janusz with a couple boards from their collection.

Mike Schwarner, and Vincent and Emilie. Vincent and Emilie were visiting from France.

Paul and Karen Samuelson with a balsa board that was glassed by Danny Brawner.

Fuzzy foto. That's Christian Driggs, Rob Givens, Lindsay Perry, and Pierce Michael Kavanagh stopping by for a visit yesterday.

About a dozen Adventure Guides-Big Sky Circle, Laguna Niguel Nation, came by for a visit and tour. Being second-graders, I was able to hold their attention for about 30 seconds, but their dads seemed to appreciate the info. Barry, SHF Curator, etc.

Our archivist Becki Church's sister Amy, and her family. Husband Bryan, and kids, Katie, Isaac, Mckenzie, and Benny Thulin.

SHF Curator Barry Haun, legendary shaper Terry Martin, David Krause, SHF co-founder Spencer Croul, and SHF Executive Director Bolton Colburn

The Coalition of Surf Clubs' Team Captains and various members, met at SHF on the eve of the annual Church contest, 1/6/12.

SHF Director & docent, Denny Michael, accepts a $1,000 donation from DLSA President Mark Calkins, and DSLA VP Bobby Knox. Thank you Doheny Longboard Surfing Association!

Surfing legend and former Hawaii State Senator, Fred Hemmings dropped by and met our new Executive Director, Bolton Colburn. Fred's daughter, Kaui Hart Hemmings, wrote the novel, "The Descendants”, whose film version with George Clooney, is nominated for 5 Oscars.

Kemp Aaberg and Richard Yelland working on 12 Miles North: the Nick Gabeldon Story.

Stoked Groms, Noah Cordoza, Dean Michael, and Ben Cordoza.

Mark Weiner, San Diego charger Richard Kenvin, and designer/shaper Carl Ekstrom.

Scott Bass, Wade Koniakowsky and Barry Haun hold up a piece of fiberglass and resin taken from a Matt Kivlin Malibu Chip that is being restored. Wade will be painting the artwork for the Surfing Heritage Vintage Surf Auction directly on the fiberglass.

Michael "Salt" Labita with the Jed Noll, Steven Thomas model that he created the artwork for.

Charlie Fernandez (Jimmy Buffett's manager), and Russ Kunkle (long time drummer for Jackson Browne) came by for a visit. Charlie is now the proud owner of the JP St Pierre (Surfy Surfy) customized Enjoy handplane.


Digital Watermarking of our images – Public Notice

As part of our commitment to protecting our image donors, the Surfing Heritage Foundation has begun using digital watermarking on ALL of our images, including those images seen on our website. This watermark is not visible to the eye, but is easily seen by many computer programs such at Photoshop and other image editing programs. In addition, we have also purchased a “watermark spider” that crawls the Internet specifically looking for any images that contain our SHF watermark. The Surfing Heritage Foundation is prepared to take the appropriate action should we find any illegal or unlicensed usage of images from our files.